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Some Say it should Never Work Again

The House of Lords is a dumping ground (свалка) for failed (неудавшихся), old politicians. When you see them on television you would think they are going to fall down and die at any moment. How can they have any idea about what’s going on the streets, in the real world?

There’s no place for all those ancient traditions in modern politics. What’s the point (какой смысл) of people dressing up in gowns (мантии) so often, having that silly old bloke (чудак) sitting on the woolsack (мешок с шерстью) and grown men calling each other “my noble Lord” all the time?

Basically the House of Lords is very unfair (несправедлив). Most of those old landowners are conservatives. So you end up with a permanent conservative party majority that can block the policies of a labour government in the House of Commons.

Other people say otherwise: The Lords come from all walks of life (из всех слоев общества). Peerages (звание пэра) have been given to Trade Unionists, clergymen and industrialists. We represent society as a whole.

The House of Lords allows some of Britain’s most distinguished people, politicians and otherwise, to have a say in how our country is governed. To have former Prime Ministers and experienced figures still helping the country with their knowledge is important.

The House of Lords is not dominated by old customs. We are prepared to change, indeed we installed (установили) television cameras years ago. The House of Commons is only doing that now. The traditions we do continue are important links with our country’s heritage (наследство).

It is wrong to say we always agree with the Tory government. Because the government has such a huge majority in the Commons, we are providing the only real opposition by questioning and changing its policies when they come before us.

2. Speak about people’s attitude to the House of Lords. Use the following link-words and structures:

some people consider… on the one hand… on the other hand… if I am not mistaken… to my mind… to add to this… however… некоторые люди полагают с одной стороны с другой стороны если я не ошибаюсь по моему мнению кроме этого однако


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